Pictures Have A Huge Influence On Effective Marketing

The pictures and images that you choose to you in your marketing will make a dramatic difference to the appeal of your content. Most experienced Marketers will now tell you that the average person browsing the Internet is driven by images and video. People are quickly turned off by too many written words. Nowadays, visual […]

Words Have Immense Power

The words that you use to tell your story, to position the benefits of your product and service will make a huge difference to whether you sell or not. With all that in mind, here are some of the most powerful and effective words in marketing. • Results • New • Love • Discovery • […]

The Importance Of A Headline In Marketing

With large percentages of the world’s population now suffering from some sort of addiction to Smartphones, people and businesses who put out information in the hope that people will see it, read it and act upon it are waking up to the stark reality. This is that the headline to the article has to be […]